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Four Pillars to Long-Lasting Fulfillment and Success as You Go Through Life’s Transitions

With intentional self-awareness, you can create the life you desire by consciously setting in motion your intent to make it happen. 

Finding Me Again, A Journey to an Authentic Life: The Memoir

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Contributing Author for Handbook of Personal and Organizational

Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation

I am also a contributing author in the Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation.

This is the first book to pull together cutting-edge theory and practice on small and large-scale transformation.

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The Key To Thriving In Times Of Change

Transition brings stress - especially when these changes are not what you desire. A relationship goes south, being “let go” from your dream job, reaching a goal and realizing you aren’t as satisfied as you thought you would be.  The “what-ifs” start happening and soon...

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Midlife Crisis Series

This month is the first installment of a series of blogs we’d like to do focusing on the “midlife crisis”, “midlife unraveling”, “midlife calamity” “midlife – whatever you want to call it” that happens to all of us, in varying degrees, at some point. Our guest blogger, Pamela Winn, is an associate at SelfAware101, and a woman of deep faith. The following is the story of her midlife unraveling and the faith shift she experienced, as a result. She writes….

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Life Isn’t Fair

Father’s Day has come and gone for 2018. Many of us celebrated around the table with Dad or made a long distance phone call to reminisce and wish him a great day.

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Self-Empathy !

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