Explore The Four Pillars Of Finding Your True Self


Living Into Your Best Self – Keynote!

Living into your best self comes down to a choice. It’s about knowing yourself and then putting your best self out for the entire world to see. Often I see professionals have very little insight into their own needs, yet taking the time to be self-aware has proven to greatly increase fulfillment and success in the personal and professional lives of many.

Self-Awareness and Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness begins with self-awareness, which means being attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, whether positive or negative.  In this workshop you will explore strategies on how to handle your emotions in the most healthy and constructive manner.

How Self-Awareness & Relationship Management is Affecting  the Bottom Line

Self-knowledge and relationship management are vital to success. Did you know that 83% of high performers score high in self-awareness? What’s the correlation? Possibly the human connection that is often overlooked in the business of doing BUSINESS. This workshop will teach you about the benefits of self-awareness and relationship management, and how they will enhance your bottom line.

Adaptability & Resiliency Workshop

Adaptability is the ability to anticipate change and adjust your attitudes, viewpoints, and behavior to handle the change effectively.  Resiliency is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and remain optimistic in the face of misfortune, stress, and pressure. You will learn the difference between the two and how you can increase both.

Creative Self-Awareness Workshop – (Formerly known as Art of Awareness)

Self-awareness is the key to changing your life because it allows you to know “your story.”  And, knowing “your story” is the first step toward changing “your story.” By activating your innate creativity with art-making, and giving you different ways to communicate your thoughts and feelings, Creative Self-Awareness empowers you to discover and better understand “your story.”

KnowThyself Personality (KPA™) Workshop

Based on the KPA™,  this fun and interactive workshop is for specific interests groups in Yoga, Design, Fashion, Healthcare and Business.  The goal of this workshop is to facilitate self understanding and gain tools to promote relationship management.  This is a great workshop for team building and conferences.

Emotional Intelligence and Success Workshop

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a person’s ability to control emotions, and to sense, understand, and react to others’ emotions and manage relationships. This workshop explores how EQ is beneficial personally and professionally.

Four Pillars of Authenticity

Explore the four pillars of finding your true self and journeying toward an authentic life. This talk is based on my book – Finding Me Again: A Journey to An Authentic Life.

Contact Nancy to book her for your next event.  (970) 235-1815 or email her at nancy@selfaware101.com

Contact Nancy to  book her for your next event.

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